Components and utilities for the modern web

Splendid UI

Splendid UI is a toolkit for the modern web.

In Splendid UI, you will find components and utilities that will help you make better webapps at a much faster pace — more so than any other component library you’ve seen.

We have planned for Splendid UI to include the following:

  • Sass components
  • JavaScript utilities
  • Astro components
  • Svelte components
  • Tailwind presets and plugins

We’re in a very early alpha stage here, so please bear with us regarding the lack of information. We’re fleshing out the docs as we go along!

Like what you're seeing?

I'm on a quest to make web development extremely easy — by building components and utilities that will help all of us build better apps at a much faster pace.

I'd like to send you an update when I release something new in Splendid UI. If you want to be updated, please leave your email address below.

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