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fileCache is a utility that lets you cache files with the local file system.


First, make sure you install Splendid UI.

npm install splendid-ui

Then import fileCache into your project.

import { fileCache } from 'splendid-ui/node'


First, use fileCache to create or locate a cache.

  • dirname — determines where to store the cached file.
  • file — determines the name of the file.
import { fileCache } from 'splendid-ui/node'

const cache = await fileCache({
  dirname: '.cache',
  file: `${id}.json`,

Next, you can:

  • Use modifiedAt to check the cache’s last modified timestamp
  • Use save to save a new cache
  • Use load to load from the cache.
let cached

// If the cache is recent, load it
if (cache.modifiedAt > + 10000) {
  cached = await cache.load()

// Otherwise, create the cache
const obj = { some: 'value' }
cached = obj

This works closely with getLastModifiedTime utility.

import { fileCache, getLastModifiedTime } from 'splendid-ui/node'

async function getContent() {
  const cache = await fileCache({
    /* ... */
  const lastModified = await getLatestModifiedTime(`src/content/`)

  // Load the cache
  if (cache.modifiedAt > lastModified) {
    return cache.load()

  // Otherwise, create the cache
  const obj = { some: 'value' }
  return obj

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